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How to Grow Your Preschool Program

How to Grow Your Preschool Program

How to Grow Your Preschool Program

Wouldn’t it be nice if the movie Field Of Dreams’ catch phrase “If you build it, they will come” applied to all businesses. Unfortunately, opening a preschool does not necessarily mean there will be students beating your door down. Generally, if you’re in a small community it’s easier because there is less competition, but in large communities and cities, competition can be widespread, making it difficult to grow your preschool’s attendance.

You cannot be successful, nor will you be fulfilled in your mission, if you don’t have students in the seats – or on the floor as the case may be. In most places, you will have to create unique ways to reach out to the community to market your school. There are three steps that must be taken to grow any preschool program: 1. Quality; 2. Communication with parents of enrolled students; and 3. Community exposure.


It will be next to impossible to maintain a preschool that does not involve a quality program. The overall experience must be such that children love coming to school. The things considered are curriculum, play areas, learning experiences, extracurricular activities, and menus if eating on-site,


Word of mouth is a powerful tool. When you provide a quality service, those already benefiting will rave about it. Therefore, the more communication you have with the parents the better. This can be in the form of regular meetings, newsletters, quick chats at drop-off and pick-up, and training staff and teachers to be communicative with parents.

Community Exposure

Finally you will need community exposure to grow your preschool, saturating the community with your presence. Community exposure can involve advertising, open houses, inviting the community for plays and programs, fall fairs, grandparent involvement, minimal fundraising programs, and mailings. While some of these can be costly, others require no additional cost for the community exposure.

Help for Growing Your Business

Consultants are available who can come to your child care business and aid you in your efforts. They will ensure the quality of your program, suggest creative ways to communicate with parents, and help you incorporate unique methods for increasing your community exposure. Ask parents, grandparents, other preschools, and schools if they are aware of anyone reputable providing this service. You can also find freelance providers online who will consult with your preschool to help you grow it to its potential.

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