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Child Care Marketing Biggest Mistake

Child Care Marketing at – Kris Murray is a noted expert, author, speaker and educator who helps child care center owners and director market better. Here Kris talks about the biggest mistake made in marketing child care programs, and that is being BORING. Nothing loses the attention of parents faster than marketing that is boring. Learn more about how to market your child care or daycare successfully

The phone is often the first live contact you have with prospective parents. You spend most your child care marketing dollars to make the phone ring, so get the most out of each call. To learn more about our Phone Skills Training Program visit: Skilled telephone contact, following a simple method practiced in advance, will greatly enhance your childcare enrollment success. Consider, what happens to your carefully crafted marketing plan when your phone rings? It is all for naught if your staff is so poorly trained or overwhelmed that the most vital things are not being said when the phone rings. Our CCMS Gold Done-for-You members receive monthly phone skills training with a live review of recorded mystery calls, during which everyone in the group gives feedback and critique about what they heard on the call. At any given moment, if you are in that program, a mystery caller could be calling your center director. This provides incredible value, because it keeps directors accountable to follow the Kris Murray Phone Script, which we provide to them. Now I want to give you a taste of that valuable process, in case you are not in the Gold Done-for-You program. The phone contact process, implemented properly, hinges on some vital parts. 3 questions will help to successfully start each phone call. 1. Immediately ask each prospect: May I have your name, please? Almost nobody does this when they haven’t been properly trained. People love to hear the sound
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Fusion Of Child Care Franchise Business Consulting

Fusion Of Child Care Franchise Business Consulting

You would know as a parent, or wanting to be a parent someday, how child care is a huge business and a very important one at that. Those parents who work need to be able to find a reasonable child care for their children and this is a feat that is not very easy to do. You should just remember child care franchise business consulting in order to respond to two problems: getting a job and taking care of your child. Solving these two problems with one solution will not only answer your financial need but also ensure that your kid is in the best care. You would also help your fellow parents keep their job and take care of their kids for them.


It may be scary to start a new business but with a franchise, the business is presented with a proven record of success. You may even receive training for some cases. It makes a lot of sense to go with franchising in these troubled times. A proven business plan is your advantage when you go with child care franchise business consulting. You could be wrong if you are thinking that the market is down and it is not practical to start a business at this time. It is actually a better time to do this now than ever. President Obama has been encouraging moms to go back to school so the need for child care is higher at this time. Especially that people are in the midst of looking for jobs left and right, their children are in need of care and your company may just be the answer to their dilemma.


The words child care franchise business consulting can just be the key to your new career. The great advantages of having this business certainly are just many to mention but the one that tops it all is the fact that you are not working for somebody else. You will be making the huge decisions that will make or break the business. With consultants right behind you, you will surely make the sound decisions to prioritize your two primary goals: your job and your kid.

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Income Business Opportunity : Child Care Business

Income Business Opportunity : Child Care Business

Looking for an income business opportunity? For stay at home moms or for those who love children, there are ways to make the most of your maternal instincts. One of the possibilities is to open a child care place. This will allow you to be of a service to other moms in the community, as well as allow you to provide an alternative for young children who need a place to go.

How much capital will you need to start this business?

Offering child care as your business is easy to begin. There are several child care services that simply offer the option in their own home. If you have the space in your home, then opening it up for your services is an easy way to begin. This allows you to start with little to no investment. Of course, you will want to make sure that games and food are available for the children everyday. This will help you to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for children who have to leave their own home. You can make this investment as little as to start. If you have decided to start a child care business, you will want to make sure that you have invested the proper research into documentation that you will need. Insurance is usually required in order to run a child care business. You will also want to make sure that you have the right business licenses in place in order to cover your services from any trouble that may occur. Sometimes these forms will cost some money, but usually will not ask for an investment over 0.

How to get customers?

For those who do not want to invest a lot in marketing at the beginning, there are also several alternatives to make sure that children are able to come to your home for child care. Word of mouth to others in the neighbourhood that have children is an easy way to advertise. Most who are leaving their children with someone will want it to be someone they trust instead of a stranger, making the word of mouth technique one of the most effective. You can also advertise your services through local outlets, such as a phone book or with flyers. The more your reputation shines in your neighbourhood and community, the more success you will have.

How much is the potential profit from this business?

As those who know your business begin to look at your services and leave their children at your home, you will notice an easy profit will begin to be made. You can easily make ,000 a year by staying at home and watching over children, depending on how many children you are able to have at one time in your house.

If you love children or have children of your own, and want to stay in your home, then opening your own child care service is an easy way to profit not only from finances, but also by giving you the ability to help children grow and learn away from their home in a safe environment. If you are starting a child care service, make sure that you start on the right foot in order to have the best services available to the children and parents in your community. This is indeed a profitable income business opportunity.

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Current Trends in Child Care Center

Current Trends in Child Care Center

Development of civilian child care sector is virtually driven by two causes: mothers’ employment alongside with children’s development. Affordable child care stimulates maternal employment and contributes to gender equality. At the same time, high quality child care is impossible with cost minimization, as the two goals – affordability and quality care are conflicting. A number of governmental policies and subsidiary programs have been introduced to guarantee quality care by setting the standards and offering financial support, but the increasing numbers of women willing to make a carrier that drive the demand for services still significantly outperforms the quantity of professional non maternal services offered on the market.

In earlier ages women were both primary child care givers and economically productive members of society. In the 20th century, child care became more then simply a natural species response, but a dedicated work that required quality knowledge. While mothers were given an important emotional role in the family, the number of women employed with young children continued to increase being pushed by equal opportunity movement. In 1995 there have been 63% of employed women with children under six years old, the rate went up by 5% since 1994. The ideal of a fully dedicated mother still remains strong in society, but working mothers that belong to the baby-boom generation are trying to move beyond the guilt of employment. The three major goals of child care create the economic and ethical dilemma for society. The first presupposition is that child care stimulates mother’s employment which is beneficial for the family and society overall. Second presupposition is that high quality children development programs can enhance education and foster child’s mental and physical development whether mother are working or not. In both cases families themselves are expected to pay for the services, are they are the primary beneficiaries. Thirdly, child care can be used with ethnic minorities as a way to stimulate the socialization process to the cultural mainstream of disadvantages and poor children. In this case, taxpayers are the ones to cover costs of child care for the poor. As such, the three major purposes of child care establish different priorities and, consequently, have different assumptions on who has to cover the costs. The ongoing debate is centered on the three dimensions of the issue – low cost, but large in quantity child care, high quality, but expensive child care centers, and governmental compensation to the poor as a way to control crime and have children off the streets.

When it comes to speaking about employment opportunities and child care costs, the situation becomes even more complex. With the growing tendency of single women to strive for self actualization and carrier development, inadequate and too expensive child care can alter mother’s carrier in a number of ways. As mothers may be forced to come late at work because of child care problems, they may be compromising on low paid but absenteeism tolerant employment options to get an opportunity to deliver care to own children. Aside from this, mothers often might simply be unable to afford quality child care that ensures safety of their children to choose to be employed. Consequently, too expensive child care services for children of single mothers are a recent issue brought up by the pressure of emancipation that requires prompt attention.

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