The importance of understanding the daycare’s internal and external environmental factors and the impact on its marketing

For a daycare center to successfully identify what sort of marketing strategies to employ for the daycare, it is important first to evaluate the environment that affects its marketing strategy. There are 2 types of environmental factors that the daycare will need to assess; its external environment and its internal environment.


External environmental factors are issues that affect the daycare business but are outside of the control of the daycare business. The daycare just simply needs to know what it is and work around its constraints.

-        Political – what are the governmental rules and regulations in which the daycare is required to adhere to.

-        Economic – what is the economic situation. – recession? Inflation? Etc.

-        Sociocultural – what is the expectation of the people with regards to daycare services. Are they expecting just a nanny care service or are they expecting something more. Thjs will impact the daycare services that should be offered.

-        Technological – this will impact the way in which we  communicate with the customer as well as how we promote the daycare centre.


There is also an internal environment in which the daycare exists which will affect the marketing which will require the daycare business to do some “soul-searching”.  Internal environmental factors are those that are within the daycare’s control. The daycare will need to look at the daycare business as a whole and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Strengths will be those factors that the daycare is proud of or good at. Weaknesses are basically areas of improvement. A good guide will be to benchmark the daycare against a close competitor’s.


In internal environmental scan will require the daycare to conduct a close evaluation at the following:

-        the daycare services it provides

-        the price of its daycare services

-        its current strategy to promote and market the daycare

-        the way the daycare is operating

-        its staff and their qualifications

-        its finances and budget


With the information gathered on the daycare’s internal and external factors, the daycare will be able to make a more information decision on its marketing strategies.

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